Challenge the Body, Renew the Spirit – Hike to Help 2020

In life most things worth achieving come with a challenge! Face it, when we have to work for something it just seems a little sweeter. I remember at sixteen buying my first car with money I had earned from a job. I loved that 1975 Ford Pinto! 

What about walking across the stage having graduated? Being on a winning team? Purchasing your first home? Receiving a promotion at work? All milestones and fond memories!

Some of challenges can be physical in nature. Setting a goal and completing it brings a sense of accomplishment and satisfaction. For me that’s what hiking brings. I am not as young and in shape as I was at sixteen, however I still enjoy hoisting a pack and being in the outdoors. I enjoy the friendship on the trail and the campfire conversations. Hiking for me challenges the body and renews my spirit.

Hike to Help is an annual hike sponsored by Loving Community & Mentor America to help fund the student mentoring programs in our local schools. For some students just going to school is a challenge with many lacking enough supporting adults in their lives. Our mentoring programs help provide a loving adult who seeks to be a positive role model and support.

This year’s hike dates are Saturday and Sunday, January 11-12, 2020 and will take place in Oklahoma at the Robbers Cave State Park. 

This is an opportunity to set a goal of strapping on a 40 pound back pack, hiking 3-5 miles a day, sleeping overnight in a tent, and yes doing your business in the woods! This may be outside your comfort zone and that’s where the challenge comes in!

I’d love to invite you to be a part of Hike to Help. It’s fun, it’s challenging, you will build some new friendships. The cost is $200 which funds your entire trip, transportation, backpacking gear (if you need), and most of all you will help fund the mentoring initiatives of Loving Community & Mentor America supporting students on their journey and challenges in life. 

For more information contact Jim Mustain at To sign up for the hike follow this link: Register for Hike to Help


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