Volunteer Central

How To Become A Volunteer


Becoming a Loving Community volunteer is easy and usually can be done in four simple steps.

Step 1 Find a volunteer role that fits with how and where you want to volunteer and meets your scheduling needs.

Step 2 Complete a volunteer application.

Step 3 & 3(a) Complete a background check. For certain roles (primarily those working with children or senior adults) you must complete the appropriate background check(s). This applies to volunteers over the age of 18.

Step 4 Complete a volunteer orientation as appropriate for volunteer role. This is not required for all serving roles and may be completed online.

Follow the Four Steps Below

To become a Loving Community volunteer just follow the four steps below. Once these are completed you will be set to go! Depending on the role, and if a background check is required (all school based volunteers) the process can take between 1-2 weeks.

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