The Alpha Weekend Away

This past weekend a dozen sojourners slipped away to the welcoming home of Scott & Dianna King in the peaceful countryside of Aubrey, TX for the Alpha Course Weekend Away. This pivotal retreat in the 11-week Alpha Course created an unhurried time to join with the prayers of old – Come Holy Spirt!

There’s nothing more impacting than giving people the opportunity to experience God’s love and find faith in Jesus – it is simply life changing. Seasoned or a novice in the Way, each participant was encouraged to consider their next step of faith and following.

In a frenetic pace of life, to be gifted a few unhurried hours to be still, to listen to the Spirit is life giving. Add to that the friendship and encouragement of others pursuing this same journey (and lots of yummy food) it was life giving!

The Alpha Course is being offered through Vista Ridge United Methodist Church and is a series of 11-sessions exploring the Christian faith. Each session looks at a different question around faith and is designed to create conversation. Alpha is run all around the globe, and everyone is welcome. 

Our hope has been to create a fun, welcoming and safe space to explore life’s big questions, to say what you think, and to hear other people’s points of view. It is a place to discover at your own pace and place in life. As this course comes to a conclusion, perhaps you will consider the next Alpha Course and build friendships as together you explore the Christian faith.

Live humbly and kind,



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