Rest Break 2019 — Re-Capping 13 Days Away

I confess the mere idea of a “rest break” freaks me out a bit. I mean come on, who will save the world while I’m away! 🙂 Or so goes the quirky and sometimes not so charitable thinking of we Enneagram Type Twos (The Helpers). 

Not familiar with this odd sounding word? You can learn more at However a warning — it can be both fascinating AND frustrating! 

If you’re looking for more lite party conversation, stick with one of the less robust personality assessments. If personal insight and growth is more your jam, the Enneagram will put you through the paces.

Our family (thanks to Heather’s learning and leading in this) has been on a journey into understanding ourselves better (and working on ourselves if we choose). But I admit it’s challenging and I am taking baby steps. 

So for you Enneagram aficionados, I test out as a Type 2w3. If you want to know the good, bad, and ugly of my unique kind of good and crazy, well here it is! 

And how does all of this relate to my Rest Break you ask? Heading into things you might recall I said I was centering my time around twenty “R” words as a framework. In case you missed the first round of these:

Rest, Reflect, Renew

Reconnect, Relationships

Remember, Rejoice, Repent

Reaffirm, Reclaim, Re-up

Reformation, Risk, Revolutionary, Re-Jesus

Realign, Reproduce, Resources 

wRite and Ribs (need some nourishment)

How does that list grab you? Add to this the six times a day I participated in vigils, lauds, mass, prayers, vespers and compline while at the monasteries — and well there you have it, CLASSIC Enneagram Type 2 behavior!

Rest is a need, and I have no needs (so the voice in my head says) — couple that with a good dose of need to show I’m busy even when I’m resting ‘cause I want to justify my rest break — and those are some of the downsides of my archetype and how I think, feel and act. YES I have lots of OPG’s! (Opportunity for Personal Growth). 🙂

Now lest you think it was all gloom and doom on my rest break it was not — lots of good!

I had wonderful time of resting at our good friend and Loving Community board member Jill Stein’s home in Atlanta while she traveled. Her home in peaceful and inviting and always well stocked.

I along with Sharon were able to spend the middle portion of our time in Knoxville, TN with our daughter Katelyn, son-in-law Jesse and grandson Owen, celebrating his one year birthday. Also we shared a meal with David & Kristen Bianconi, always a treat.

We also renewed friendships and made new friends among our Forge America tribe. This is a life giving group of missionaries and authentic disciple makers who share in our vision and DNA of seeing the church renewed and reaching the growing population outside the walls.

In Knoxville we stayed at a wonderful airbnb with friends and fellow Dallas Forgies, Holly & Kevin Davis. They are a wonderful young couple and talented leaders helping lead Forge Dallas.

And finally I thoroughly enjoyed getting to meet and hang out with Brother Andrew the Guest Master at Belmont Abbey Monastery. It shows that two bothers in Christ, with two completely different contexts, can build a friendship. I was honored by the prayers that Brother Andrew prayed over me and Loving Community.

I will return to Dallas this weekend and on Sunday Sharon and I will be in Coppell, TX at Valley Ranch Baptist Church. We will share with the good folks there (our home church) the amazing journey (rejoice) that was launched and supported by them over these past five years. We look forward to seeing many old friends!

And as for the other “R’s” on my ambitious list — they’ll just have to wait for another day. See I am growing! 🙂

Thanks for your love and support of Loving Community these past five years. God is truly allowing us to be the change we have wished to see in this world and serve as the light of the Good News of Jesus, shining in the darkness!

Live humbly and kind,


PS – We also had a new grandson born while I was away! I look forward to meeting Blye Michael Mustain upon my return!


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