When Leaders Lead Well Everyone Wins — Congratulations Leadership Lewisville Graduates

Yesterday was a GREAT day in the life of our community and its future. We got better!

At the monthly partner luncheon of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce we recognized sixteen new graduates of Leadership Lewisville, a prestigious 9-month leadership development program.

Privileged to serve as the Chairman of the Leadership Lewisville Steering Committee, I have been blessed to walk alongside Class 31 — they exemplify all that is good within our community.

They are a collection of great leaders getting even better. A cohort of bankers and educators, business men and women, government officials and medical professionals, and non-profit entrepreneurs. They have studied and played and worked together while all along sharpening their leadership saws.

Simon Sinek is a NY Times best selling writer and speaker on leadership. Maybe you’ve heard one of his TED talks or read one of his books. One which I highly recommend is titled — Start With the Why – How Great Leaders Inspire Everyone to Take Action.

The premise of his book is fairly simple but often overlooked. He says it’s hugely important that in order to lead well or to motivate others to perform well — we have to identify the “why behind the what”. Why is what we are doing important? Why does it matter?

Applying this to Leadership Lewisville the “what” is this. Leadership Lewisville is a community leadership development program of the Lewisville Area Chamber of Commerce. It was created to educate, develop, inspire and motivate future leaders and provides opportunities for current leaders to develop and polish their leadership skills.

It spans nine-months and is one of the longest running leadership programs in North Texas, and this year we celebrate the graduation of Class 31!

When participants complete the program they walk away with measurable business acumen that will improve their leadership in the workplace and in the community — not to mention forming some new friendships.

So that’s the “what” of the program. It’s excellent. I’m a proud graduate of Leadership Lewisville. I highly recommend it to you or friends or employees. And we can get you sign for Class 32 which will begin in August by following this link: Leadership Lewisville

So that’s the “what”. — But now to the question of “why”?  Why would Ray Hernandez, Chamber President and the Chamber leadership and staff invest such a substantial amount of time and energy to this leadership development program?

I think the answer is simple, but not always easy. At the end of the day, whether a business or a school or a non-profit or a church or government or a community volunteer— when leaders lead well, everyone wins! Everyone thrives. Everything gets better.

We live in a wonderful community, a growing community, a community that can and always will benefit from existing leaders leading better and new leaders getting into the game. And that’s the “why behind the what” of Leadership Lewisville.

Equipping leaders to lead better and in turn seeing our community thrive and grow and be a great place to live and raise a family and build a business.

Each class is asked to develop and implement a project that will help the community and be a lasting and ongoing legacy of the class. Class 31 chose an impactful project with the Children’s Advocacy Center of Denton County. You can read and see more about this partnership and project at the following link.

Class 31 Project

And so I offer my congratulations to Leadership Lewisville Class 31 — and their leadership accomplishments.  You exemplify what can happen when leaders lead well. Everyone wins!

Jim Mustain – Chairman, Leadership Lewisville Steering Committee


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