Shaun, Melissa & Arden James Recipients of Good Neighbor Award

FullSizeRender 77Shaun, Melissa & Arden James, have been presented the Good Neighbor Award for June 2016 in recognition of their outstanding volunteer work and community involvement. The award is presented monthly to stand-out individuals or businesses by Loving Community, a neighborhood advocacy group.

The James family, Shaun and Melissa, and five-year old daughter Arden are Lewisville residents. They are originally from Oklahoma. Community volunteering is a core value of Shaun and Melissa and one they are modeling and teaching Arden who regularly is part of their volunteer outings. Arden adds her own touch with her energy and enthusiasm!

Some of their many community volunteer involvements includes brining smiles to the faces of senior adults by delivering meals via Meals on Wheels, providing a listening ear and life mentoring lessons to children via Big Brothers Big Sisters, organizing social activities and block parties for the neighborhood, and fostering children in their home.

Loving Community benefits from their giving spirit as they regularly volunteer in their local schools, Rockbrook Elementary and Durham Middle School. Melissa provides snacks for children and they participate in the annual anti-bullying week, handing out encouraging words — and a pieces of candy!

Jim Mustain, Executive Director of Loving Community says, “It’s families like the James family who are essential in our neighborhoods and schools. Their ready spirits and hands bless those they come in contact with. They truly embody the goal of bringing a little heaven to earth! In addition they are modeling for their daughter something that is so important to our world, loving and serving others.”

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 5.41.15 AMBoth Shaun and Melissa are graduates of Oklahoma State University with MBA degrees. Shaun is an IT Specialist with Accenture. Melissa is a full time volunteer and parent to Arden. Recently they have announced their move and returning to Oklahoma to be closer to family. We know that they will bring their volunteering spirit to some new neighborhood!

Loving Community’s Good Neighbor award is sponsored by Gaylene Anders of Ebby Halliday Realtors in honor of Ebby Halliday Acers who modeled her life on the principle — “Do something for someone everyday”.

To find out more about Loving Community and the Good Neighbor award, to volunteer, or to nominate a deserving individual or business, contact: Gaylene Anders at,  or Jim Mustain at


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  1. Thank you for all you you have done for the community. Your kindness, caring heart, and happy faces have made a difference in so many lives. Give Arden a big hug from us!

    Miss you dear friends,

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