Men of Distinction – Mentor a Young Man – Meet Mr. Owens

I’ve been involved in mentorship in some capacity for most of my adult life.  It is very dear to my heart and I love making a difference in the community I serve and in a child’s life.  I know that every day I have a chance to create a legacy that will be repeated over and over for generations.” ~ Mr. Melvin Owens, AP Lewisville Harmon HS

Recognizing the value of mentoring relationships, Melvin embraces the guiding principle of “start where you are, use what you have, and do what you can”. This belief, coupled with his mentoring background dating as far back as 1993 in Project Keep Hope Alive and Upward Bound, led Owens to launch a new mentoring program in the 2016-17 school year called Men of Distinction.

Men of Distinction is a mentoring initiative focusing on the development of leadership and character traits in 9th & 10th grade young men. The primary goal is pretty simple. For male mentors and role models to walk along side young men in assisting them in learning and applying the key traits and characteristics of successful manhood.

To find out more information or to sign up to become a mentor click on this link. Sign up for Men of Distinction


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