Friday Faves – “Sweet” Times Volunteering with Mr. Harmon

Like clockwork on Friday’s at 7:30 a.m in through the doors walks Mr. Harmon. Always a smile on his face, a kind word, and ready to volunteer as a Grateful Dad!

And what’s a bit ironic (or perhaps even poetic) is for this “80-something young” community legend, to be volunteering as the doorman at the school that’s his namesake — Lewisville High School Ben Harmon Campus.

Some people name buildings and towers after themselves. Others humbly have buildings named for them as a tribute to their lasting legacy. Such is the case of the community minded servant Mr. Ben Harmon, when in August 2011, the Lewisville ISD opened the 9th-10th grade Lewisville High School Ben Harmon Campus.

Now on any given Friday morning, hundreds of sleepy eyed, semi-excited students enter the doors of Lewisville High School’s Harmon campus. It’s the aim of the “Grateful Dads” to greet them and bring a smile to their faces — and a piece of candy helps!

It’s a lot of fun and quickly has become my favorite morning of the week, helping bring a smile to the face of a student! A little investment of time, but a big payoff in being part of bringing a little heaven to earth in our neighborhood.

I’m not sure who got the ball rolling, however the mission of Grateful Dad’s is  to be an active, visible and positive role model within LISD and the community. It allows students to see the caring nature and support of men like Mr. Harmon.

In a world where young people desperately need male role models, this is a small but important way to give back. I am always struck by the quote that says, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  Grateful Dad’s is a SWEET (Get it, candy?) way of doing something and Mr. Ben Harmon leads the way!

There are always more doors to man at LHS – Ben Harmon campus and other campuses. Why not give back? You might be surprised how far a jolly rancher, a tootsie roll and a smile will go in brightening the Friday morning of a high school student AND you get to hang out with Mr. Harmon!

To sign up to be a Grateful Dad follow this link: Become a Grateful Dad

Live humbly and kind,




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  1. Sharon Mustain October 6, 2017 at 2:18 pm · · Reply

    My and hope and prayer is that I will walk humbly and kind. Thank you, Mr. Harmon for modeling what that looks like.

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