Do You Have Anything For Girls? – Launch of Grow Girls Mentoring Groups

That was the frequent question we were asked. We love your mentoring initiatives for boys and young men (Boys2Men & Men of Distinction) — but do you have anything for girls? Well this year we can say, YES WE DO!

Beginning the 2018-19 school year Creekside Elementary School will pilot a new girls mentoring initiative called Grow Girls Groups. The group will be a collaboration between the staff at Creekside and Loving Community. Erin Swiedom and Patience Leonard of Creekside and Debbie Psencik of Loving Community will lead the program.

Below are the details. We are seeking ten additional women who will serve as mentors. For more information or to sign up go to this link at Loving Community’s Volunteer Central

GROW GIRLS MENTORING GROUPS — Girls Radiate Optimism & Wisdom

What is a Grow Girls Mentoring Group?

Grow Girls mentoring groups are school based groups for 4th and 5th grade girls with the goal of developing leadership and character traits. Women in the community volunteer as mentors providing the valuable resources of presence, words of encouragement, affirmation, and modeling.

How do the groups work?

The girls and mentors meet monthly in a one-hour group lunch-and-learn centering on a specific character trait. The luncheon provides time for a check-in conversation, a lunch meal, reviewing a list of positive charter traits, a group presentation by one of the mentors, and then follow up discussion questions. The girls and mentors also meet for one additional 30 minute lunch during the month to build their relationship and help apply what they are learning. The group’s mantra and topic list includes:

“A grow girl is goal oriented, responsible, optimistic, seeks wisdom, is generous, has a strong self-image, is resilient, loyal, and self confident. I will strive to be a grow girl in all the things I do.”

1. G – Goal Oriented 

2. R – Responsible

3. O – Optimistic

4. W – Wise

5. G – Generous

6. I – Image

7. R – Resilient

8. L – Loyal

9. S – Self Confident

What are the program outcomes?

The girls and women form a mentor and mentee bond which aids in mutual benefit of giving and receiving encouragement and affirmation. Ultimately it provides an environment where leadership and character can be developed with the hope the girls will radiate optimism and wisdom as they grow up in life.


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